Travel Tips

In general when passing through security at airports, two pieces of carry on are allowed. A small travel bag and a purse or briefcase or something similar. In the United Kingdom, (England) only one piece is allowed. You can have a small travel bag or a purse or a back pack, but not both. This also includes transit between flights where you do not actually enter the UK but are just changing planes for another country. There is a security screen between arrivals and departures for connecting flights.

Inbound for a visit to the UK it does not apply. But, when you leave, you are only allowed one.

What to do?

If you take a small back pak or wheely, make it a little bigger and put your purse or briefcase in it for the trip through security (only counts as one} and then take it out for the journey.

Have a good trip.


My advice these days is do not check any luggage on any airline anywhere.

All airlines are now charging unless you are in Elite status etc.  
Luggage is usually at least dirty and more often damaged. The wait at the carousel is longer and longer. Delayed luggage (by many days) is more frequent.

Pack your stuff in a small carry on with wheels and a pull up handle. Choose the size that WILL fit in the overhead without cramming.  Take a small second carry on for your immediate needs wile traveling.

Learn to pack very light and use the same items for several functions.

You really can live without the hair dryer for a week or so, can't you?

Find the smallest items you can, such as fold up tooth brushes and mini tubes of toothpaste.  (Wal Mart and K Mart have bins of tiny stuff, like soap, conditioner, toothpaste, or save them from your last motel stay and keep for travel.)

Even better is, don't take any basic items at all and when yo land go to nearest shop that handles this sort of thing and purchase what you need for the trip and when going home throw away what you don't use, or give to someone staying longer. (Most large airports have basic toiletries in the shops in the arrival area and certainly in the departure areas.)

In London it is Boot's and they are located many places. Central London is just below Oxford Circus on the left, just near the Bond Street tube entrance.