Travel Advice

Finding the good fares and schedules and the airline that gives good service can be risky.

But risk can be reduced quite a bit.

The fastest and easiest way to find and compare the least expensive and best schedule is to log on to one of the "speedy" ticket .coms.
If you like it, you can now purchase. But, you can also then go to the web page of the airline you like and purchase the same ticket at the same price, sometimes lower.

Why do that?

Because if anything goes wrong on your flight and you purchased through the wholesalers, you have to deal with them to get different flights etc. And that can be a real pain when you only have a few minutes to catch your connections. If you purchased trough the airline, you just call them or go to their counter. Friendly and fast (usually).

When I am tired and there is a problem, the last thing I want to do is have a telephone debate with an "offshore" service agency.

More comfort.

If planning a long trip and there will be some time between flights, buy a day pass to the airline "club".

You can wait there for departure, relax between flights, and if there are ticket problems, the people at the club fix things in a jiffy. Just be sure that the airline has "clubs" in the city that you leave from and transit through. You can even buy a pass on one airline and fly another, but they can't fix the ticket problems that may arise.

I have seen an advertisement for a pass to all "clubs". Never tried it.

More comfort and service.

Personally I would avoid any flight on an "asian" airline. Schedules seem to change with little warning and counter service and in-flight is abrupt and not very gracious.

On the other hand the European carriers, especially the southern countrys have the old world gracious attitude. Central Europe depends on the country, some good, some not so.

The middle east? Can't find better airline service anywhere.

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